Jake Paul, Mike Tyson in advance talks for exhibition bout


Do you believe that it is happening? Well, you should be expecting.
Several reports have stated that YouTuber Jake Paul and boxing legend Mike Tyson
are in some advance talks to hold an exhibition boxing match this 2022.
First hear of the matchup can be mind-blowing because do really Tyson fights a
Youtuber-turned-boxer? But the answer as of now is it might really happen and expert
are having a tough decided who will win.
Tyson last fought professionally in 2005 but he recently came back to fight Roy Jones
Jr., in an exhibition which shown him way weaker than usual, on the other hand, Paul
who made $40 million last year in boxing, is still unbeaten after five fights.
His last was even impressive sending Tyron Woodley in deep sleep on their rematch.
Although the matchup is unorthodox, it will still be a hit, definitely.