LeBron James apologizes and vows to give more wins for Lakers Nation


The struggle is real and very obvious for the Los Angeles Lakers.
Criticism are everything for the purple and gold represent as they continue to have a
very frustrating first half of the #NBA75 season and LeBron James is well-aware of the
disappointment it gives to their faithful fans.
Hence, the 37-year old superstar posted on his social media accounts that says
“#LakerNation I apologized and I promise we’ll be better!”
The message immediately went viral and fans accepted the apology. However, the
result still remains on how they will perform for the rest of the season. Currently the
Lakers are on the middle of the pack but they haven’t won a game yet for teams with
above .500 winning percentage since the new year came.
James is not to blame as he has been putting the numbers way better than his prime.
It’s hard to pinpoint what really is LA’s problems but they have to figure it out sooner
than later.