Former Warriors teammate Curry, Durant lead first fan votes return for ASG


Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are the frontrunners for team captains for the
upcoming NBA All-Star Game.
Curry has 2,584,623 fan votes followed by Durant who got 2,360,435.
The result was not that shocking as both men are also the leading candidates for the
2021-22 NBA MVP award as both of their teams are among the top in the league.
The next update of the fan voting will be released on January 13.
LeBron James of the LA Lakers led the west frontcourt voting with 2,018, 725 while
DeMar DeRozan of the Bulls who is playing superb this season topped the backcourt for
the East with 1,487,598 votes.
Among the Top 40 players in the list, two were surprising. Kyrie Irving and Klay
Irving just recently played his season debut after the Nets allowed him to be a part-time
player but he already got 267, 929 votes good for 6th place in the East backcourt.
Meanwhile, Thompson who hasn’t played for the last two years and is expected to
return this month is at the fourth place in the West backcourt. He even beat Devin
Booker and Chris Paul in terms of the fan votes.