Floyd Mayweather hinting boxing return in Dubai


It’s never final when it comes to Floyd Mayweather Jr., as he teases for another boxing
comeback, for the nth time.
The 44-year old unbeaten American is looking to do another exhibition match in Dubai
with his opponents surfacing to be “Money Kicks” a Youtuber-turned-boxer just like the
Paul brothers.
The comeback is expected to happen sooner as he already planned to fight next month.
A little background, Money Kicks is a YouTuber with a wide-audience based on Dubai.
He has already won 2 amateur fights and he’s only 19 years old.
The gap between the two is a whopping 25 years.
“I spoke with [my advisors] about Money Kicks. We don’t really know. He is from
[Dubai]. It is going to be great,” Mayweather said.
“It will be a very special crowd. Not too many people. So, if you get the chance to come
here, you must know that you are very special.”
“Money Kicks is doing big things and I like what I am seeing.”