Jake Paul showing symptoms of long-term brain damage


Youtuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul is currently suffering from memory loss and slurred
speech, both symptoms of long-term brain damage and was told by his doctor to stop
his boxing journey.
The American himself opened up the situation. He is currently 4-0 in boxing and will be
going for his fifth with his rematch to Tyson Woodley this weekend.
“I got my brain scanned right before I started boxing, and the doctor told me there’s lack
of blood flow – from the concussions I had playing football – to certain areas on my
brain. One of them I believe is the frontal lobe, which is partial for memory and so on.
After my first year of boxing, I went back and it was worse.”
But despite having the symptoms and with the advice from his doctor to stop doing the
sport, Paul isn’t the one who listens.
“I’ve talked to tons and tons of people about it and there’s new research and science to
combat against it, things like psychedelics and toad.”
“It sounds crazy, but it can actually increase the neural activity in your brain and open
up new pathways, I’ve experimented with that and it’s definitely helped.”