Is Jake Paul-Nate Diaz the next big match in boxing?


One thing we are sure of, Jake Paul likes to talk trash especially to those he wants to
face inside the boxing. And one of them is UFC legend Nate Diaz.
Diaz has so much memorable fights in the octagon, he is known as a warrior and he put
many classic fights in the book.
However, Paul is not a fan of him as he tweeted: “You have six times as many losses as
Ben Askren. Let that sink in,” pertaining to Diaz.
The war of words continue as Diaz responded, “He sucks Jake. You’d get smoked in a
real fight tho; you can’t really fight. Boxing matches with wrestlers only… let that sink in.”
This concludes a fact that they both don’t like each other and they may potentially meet
inside the ring.
Well, Diaz could be as Paul has a long lists of UFC fighters he’s eager to box with. This
includes Conor McGregor and Kamaru Usman.
Who do they think will end up fighting the Youtuber-turned-boxer?