Warriors’ hot start a scary sign as Thompson’s return nears


What an offseason can do. Last season, the Golden State Warriors were struggling.
They failed to reach the playoffs after being eliminated by the Los Angeles Lakers in the
play-in tournament. This 75 th Anniversary Season they look like a completing different
team but with almost the same roster.
The Warriors started hot thanks to the already mid-season form of Stephen Curry, the
upbringing of Gary Payton II and Jordan Poole as the second best scorer in the squad.
Despite ending their seven game winning streak, Golden State is in a very much
comfortable place right now and not for long they will have a deadly weapon back, Klay
Thompson, who missed two NBA season due to ACL injuries is raring to get back on
the floor and put a fire on the net once again. He is reportedly doing well on pratice as
he is now participating in 5v5.
Although not much is expected from him in his return, having Klay in the mix, the only
player in NBA history to hit 14 three-pointers in a single game, is a massive threat in
favor of the Warriors’ offense.