Logan Paul confident he would beat old Mike Tyson


After his commendable performance against Floyd Mayweather Jr., Logan Paul told that
he they haven’t plan anything yet for his next boxing fight.
However, Paul answered some of the netizens were saying on Twitter that read, Mike
Tyson would kill Logan Paul.
At first, he was hesitant because he idolizes the former undisputed heavyweight
champion, but he wants to prove to people that they are wrong.
“So a fight that I initially hadn’t even considered, now people actually don’t think I’d win,
this is offensive.”
“Now I’m kind of considering it, just to shut people up. But what’s the win here? I prove
everyone wrong and go, ‘yeah I did it’. And a legend who I respect and love dearly is
sitting on the floor. Mike Tyson’s too old, no? What happens if I beat Mike Tyson? I beat
up an old man, that’s not cool. Do people wanna watch that?
Paul also insisted that if the people really want to see it happen, he might consider
fighting Tyson.
“I’m telling you, I would beat Mike Tyson. If people would watch that fight, yeah I would
do it. I don’t [care if] he’s too old. We saw it with Floyd, there’s no reason I should’ve
been able to last. He’s aging. Father time takes a toll on everyone and Tyson’s 55.
What happens? I go in there and knock him out for what? For what?”