Paul climbs up third in all-time assists, concedes on breaking Stockton’s record long ago


Chris Paul made another milestone less than a month of the NBA’s 75 th season.
Paul known continues to cement his status as the Point God after he became third in
the all-time leaders in assists.
Paul registered 18 assists for the Phoenix Suns against the New Orleans Pelicans to
surpass former two-time MVP and head coach of the Brooklyn Nets Steve Nash (10,
335 assists).
The veteran has now 10, 346 dimes and as behind to Jason Kidd with 12,901 and the
what seems to be unbreakable record of John Stockton, 15, 806 assists in total.
Entering the league, Paul has his eyes set to break Stockton’s record but he conceded
long time ago.
“I looked at that list when I first came into the league and seeing that John Stockton and
I was like, ‘I’m going to get it.’ But that ship sailed. That ship sailed. It sailed a while ago
when I started missing all them games,” he said.
However, he is still grateful to become third all-time and still playing at the highest level.
Paul earlier this month also became the first player in NBA history to reach 20,000
points and 10, 000 assists.