NBA launches “NBA Lane” to celebrate 75 th Anniversary Season


NBA fans can take a trip down memory lane or we should say, a trip down “NBA Lane”
as the league celebrates the 75 th Anniversary Season.
The short film featured Michael B. Jordan as the driver of the “hoopbus” that went on a
journey from the past, present and future of the NBA.
It was star-studded from Bill Russell, Dr. J, to Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, to LeBron
James, Kevin Durant and to the young ones; Devin Booker, Zach Lavine and more
Of course, who would not include a tribute to the Mamba Kobe Bryant that made us all
It was a great film but it also raised questions to the fans as Michael Jordan was not
seen on the video.
But regardless, the product was great and it ignites fire and anticipation to the fans for
the upcoming revelation of the NBA’s Top 75 Greatest Players and of course, the 2021-
2022 NBA season!