Is Tyson Fury avoiding Anthony Joshua?


Despite his unbeaten record and seem unbeatable power, is reigning WBC
Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury avoiding Anthony Joshua?
Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn think so, as he told iFL TV that he would not be
surprised if Fury accepted the out-of-nowhere challenge from David Haye.
“I wouldn’t even be surprised if Tyson Fury does it,” he said.
‘Because it would be a way for him to avoid Anthony Joshua, it would probably make
some decent money.
‘Some people are about that life and some people aren’t,” he added.
Haye meanwhile is calling himself as the kryptonite of Fury and he knows how to taint
the unblemished record of the Gypsy King.
“I know how to beat Tyson Fury, I really do. I’m being deadly serious.”
“I understand why he’s so effective and no-one else can see it. I’m good enough still to
do it. I would have done it back in 2013. He knows it.”
However, promoter Frank Warren assured the fans that Fury is looking forward to the
unification bout against Joshua after he deals with Fury on their trilogy.