Tyson Fury vows to do more damage on Deontay Wilder than their rematch


Reigning and undefeated WBC World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury had enough of Deontay Wilder and wants to end their trilogy as soon as possible because he believes Wilder is no longer a worthy opponent after Gypsy King maltreated the Bronze Boomer on their rematch.

However, as the judge ordered, they will go head-to-head for the third time, and Tyson Fury Sr. said they have an antidote for Wilder that will make him retire in boxing.

“He doesn’t deserve the fight after that last performance. It should be Tyson and [Anthony] Joshua,” said Fury’s dad on BT Sport.

“This man is just a bump in the road that we’re going to iron out and send into retirement.

“We’ve got the antidote for him that we can’t discuss on camera because we’re going to execute it on the night, and it’ll be the end of Deontay Wilder.”

He also slammed Wilder as they stressed that he is only lucky to get another shot at the Gypsy King and the belt.

“Where’s he going to get the win from? He got humiliated last time, let the whole of America down, Tyson smashed him to pieces.

“He’s lucky to be boxing Tyson again for the third time, only for people around Tyson he got the chance again.”