Tyson Fury will retire like Floyd Mayweather Jr. unbeaten at 34


“I’ve never lost a fight. I don’t think I’ll ever lose a fight, no. I don’t think I will,” Fury said. “I don’t think there’s nobody out there to beat me.”

“I’ve only got, two, three fights left, because there’s no more challenges. They’ve all been beaten, I’ve got Wilder next and provided I get through that, then I’ve got AJ.”

The 33-year-old Tyson Fury said before that it could be heading towards the end of his career.

Orthodox Tyson Fury has 26 fights and remains unbeaten with a record of 26-0-0. Having started his career on June 2018 at age 20, Fury shows no signs of slowing down as he continues his rise as a pro. Fury’s longest KO streak is 7 fights long out of his 26 career fights.

However, he sounds retiring once he beat WIlder and Joshua.

Can he defeat Wilder and Joshua? Let us wait and see.