Four things Wilder will display in the Fury trilogy: Rejuvenated, reinvented, violent, and victorious.


Deontay “The Bronze Boomer” Wilder promises four things that will happen come October 9, where he will settle his rivalry with WBC Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury once and for all.

“Come October 9, I will be reinvented, I will be rejuvenated, I will be violent, and I will be victorious.”

“This training camp has rejuvenated me, and it’s refreshed me. The key to victory in this fight is having a violent mind but approaching it with calmness.

“I have all the right people around me, and we’re looking forward to October 9. I hope Fury is ready to put on a show for the fans and make history once again.”

Wilder should be as motivated as ever because he was maltreated in their rematch. Fury took control and dominated the former champ.

His redemption is really on October 9, his only shot to reclaim his lost glory in the heavyweight division.