Boxing in shameful state after allowing Evander Holyfield to fight


It was pronounced from his training when he got called up to replace Oscar De la Hoya. At the age of 58, Evander Holyfield can no longer fight, whether it’s a real fight or an exhibition match.

And what most people feared came to reality as Vitor Belfort quickly knocked out Holyfield in the first round of their exhibition match.

Boxing and organizers of the event came under fire from different people in boxing, and the latest to blast them was Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) Dr. Margaret Goodman.

“Just because a contest is declared an “exhibition” doesn’t mean the fighters aren’t absorbing punishment, especially during training where most of the damage occurs.

“Regulators need to prove safety is their priority,” she pointed out.

“The ring physicians who consented to work Holyfield vs. Belfort should be asked to explain why they consented to work this event.

California State Athletic Commission prohibited the bout as they refused to give Holyfield the green light to fight due to his age and the risks he might receive.

As a result, Thriller Entertainment decided to change the venue to Florida, where there is no legitimate rule regarding the situation.

“Says a great deal about ABC Boxing [Association of Boxing Commissions] speaking out against stringent PED testing. But they remain completely silent when their fellow commissions neglect due diligence in licensing.

“You don’t need a team of neurologists to determine when a fighter should no longer compete. All you need is a pen, conscience, and courage to do the right thing.

“The same factors apply regarding PED testing in combat sports,” added Goodman.