Anthony Joshua is eager for the Tyson Fury fight to happen


Unified world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is firm and desperate to make the Tyson Fury showdown a reality. He stressed the need and importance of the fight not just to them but for the sport of boxing.

“Do I need Tyson Fury on my record? I need it.”

“Fight good fighters, and they bring out the best of you,” he said on the 5 Live Boxing podcast.

“We need it for boxing.”

“Training camp is brutal. To get better is very difficult in boxing. To fight Tyson Fury is a big challenge.

“I’m going to put that pressure on myself to get better. But it’s what we all need. I need it. Come on, let’s see how good I am.

“Let’s see how far I can take myself during this period. It’ll be a good challenge mentally. Not about him, but because I want to do well.

“When I wake up in the morning early, and I’m tired, my body’s battered, I still go out and do what I do. It’s great rewards, and only someone like Fury can give that to me.”

The unification bout was already moving last year as they officially declared the fight not until a judge ordered a trilogy between Fury and former WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder.

This broke all the plans of Joshua and Fury, who are now facing different opponents before they can restart their plan on colliding inside the ring.