Is Holyfield’s boxing return too dangerous?


58-year-old Evander Holyfield will venture once again into the ring for his initially endorsed battle in 10 years, as he gets set to confront previous UFC champion Vitor Belfort Saturday, Sept. 11.

They were permitting a move toward 60-contender years-old with authentic well-being worries after a very long time in the ring has been broadly considered exploitative. The worries for Holyfield have just widened after a video of the incredible fighter’s new competing meeting was shared via social media.

Holyfield shows up perilously old and slow in the ring during the meeting, as he gets ready for an almost 15 warrior years more youthful than him.

The short notification challenge came to fruition after Belfort’s unique adversary, Oscar De La Hoya, tried positive for Covid-19 last week. Belfort and De La Hoya were set to confine California, yet the state would not endorse a battle with Holyfield. Triller Fight Club, selling the PPV occasion for $49.99, moved the battle to Florida and enlisted previous President Donald Trump to the sideshow as an observer.

Despite advancing the battle as a massive occasion for boxing, numerous web-based media are thinking about the danger it models for Holyfield, regardless of whether it’s incredible for the show to go on. On the off chance that the standard video of Holyfield’s competing meeting is progressively sped, it doesn’t look good for the previous heavyweight champ.

“They often say, “the pads don’t hit back. Everybody looks good on the pads.” Ehhhh, I beg to differ.”

— KING (@theyknowking)

Fighters, by nature, are brave. That’s why managers, coaches, and commissions are there to protect them from themselves. This fight shouldn’t be happening.

— Michael (@bisping)

Evander Holyfield, a month shy of his 59th birthday, being allowed to fight is shameful. Triller went commission shopping. California said no, Florida, which has no fundamental rules, said yes. Now a man approaching senior citizen status will have his head targeted. Awful.

Holyfield-Belfort has been sanctioned as a fully regulated fight, as @MikeCoppinger reported. Holyfield, 58, has not fought since 2011. A simple conversation with w/him reveals the result of a brutal three-decade career.

If something happens, there will be blood on the commission’s hands.

— Chris Mannix