Fans outrage for allowing 58-year old Evander Holyfield to fight


Although it became a trend, a comeback in boxing, the fans, and the people may have seen enough as the social media people are highly alarmed for the upcoming fight of Evander Holyfield against Vitor Belfort.

Holyfield, a legend of his own, is coming back after a decade of not fighting at the age of 58. This threw a discussion and disappointment to the commission and the organizer who allowed this to happen.

The California Athletic Commission said no and prevented Holyfield from getting the green light to fight. Hence, Thriller Entertainment moved its venue to Florida, allowing the fight and sanctioning it as a professional fight. It happened because Florida has no fundamental rules prohibiting a 58-year old from fighting an opponent more than a decade younger than him.

“Fighters, by nature, are brave. That’s why managers, coaches, and commissions are there to protect them from themselves. This fight shouldn’t be happening,” said Michael Bisping on social media.