Tyson scared of Holyfield, says Triller CEO


Massive payday was already on deck, the only thing that was needed was a nod. But instead, they got a no no from Mike Tyson on fighting his rival Evander Holyfield for the third time.

Ryan Kavanaugh, the CEO of Triller entertainment said that the ‘baddest man on the planet’ is pursuing a fight with Lennox Lewis for his second fight since his return.

‘We know he is trying to stage a fight with Lennox Lewis,’ he told Sky Sports.

He added though, that Tyson was afraid of Holyfield despite offering everything they can just to make it happen.

‘We have been told that he is scared to fight Evander. There has been back and forth hoopla, there is a massive payday ready for Mike to fight on Thanksgiving. A massive payday, one of his biggest! But we can’t seem to push it along.”

‘Now I have heard, from a number of reliable sources, that Mike is too scared. He thinks Evander would knock him out. We have an offer out to Mike [to fight Holyfield].

‘I wouldn’t ask nobody to do anything they don’t want to do. But it’s for charity. If we can work something out that works for everybody then it’s a win-win-win.’