The rise of Triller Fight Club – a crossover wars!


Triller Fight Club is a combat sports league operated by the social media company Triller. The goal is to hold the boxing Pay Per Views(and possibly other combat sports events).

In one of the press conference, the company disclosed that it wants to doa crossover boxing with internet, music, and sports personalities. Their first full fledged event – Jake Paul vs Ben Askren on 17 April 2021 sends a green light to sports fans.

Triller Fight Club is a new off-shoot to the main Triller app. As its name implies, Fight Club is all about bringing boxing matches to its streaming platform — meaning that Triller is now competing not only with TikTok but with services like DAZN as well.

Hwo far this Triller Fight Club can go? Wacth their trailer here:

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