Vitor Belfort brag to defeat Paul brothers in one night


Whether this is just a statement to hype or to shot at, Vitor Belfort sure has something to
say about the abilities of the Paul brothers, Logan and Jake.
The UFC legend who will fight boxing legend Oscar De la Hoya on September 11 told
the MMA Hour that he can easily fight and put the brothers in sleep in a same day.
“These guys can not box.You put these two brothers, I’ll fight the the same night. I’ll put
them out. It’s just a fact,” he claimed.
Belfort continued by saying that putting him and De la Hoya in the same level as the
Paul brothers is plain unfair.
“He can not survive against a real striker. It’s like putting a great football team to play a
high school team. It’s not fair… I’d fight him and his brother in the same night.”
Will this tirade continue and be his potential next fight after facing De la Hoya?