Dela hoya VS Vitor Belfort : an exhibition or a real fight?


If an event is sanctioned that means it’s approved by the state and monitored by the state athletic commission or a licensed third party. Sanctioned events have defined procedures and standards set to make sure that the fighters are safe.

If it is just an exhibition, it will be a contact sports non-profit event, usually a boxing fight in which participants fight, normally for three rounds.

“I decided if I was coming back, it was for real, none of this exhibition stuff,” De La Hoya said.

Once officially sanctioned, the bout will count against De La Hoya’s record, a sterling career that ended at 39-6 with 30 KOs. “The Golden Boy” retired after an eight-round thrashing at the hands of Manny Pacquiao in 2008.

Dela Hoya VS Vitor Belfort will take up to 8 rounds. a professional contest featuring eight two-minute round.

Hence, this is a real fight but with safety.