Holly Sonders in full support of Oscar De la Hoya’s boxing return


The risk of getting back in the ring at the age of 48 is huge and is something to worry
about but Oscar De la Hoya has the full support of her partner Holly Sonders.
Sonders, a sports media host has been engaged with the boxing hall of famer in the late
2019 and she will be with De la Hoya all throughout his preparation against Victor
She even revealed that both of them are very disciplined as they refrain themselves
from having sex not until after the fight on September 11, the least.
“We are very disciplined, I will say that — very disciplined right now,” she said in an
interview with TMZ.
“That’s totally a thing and I will say we are very disciplined, more than anybody
probably thought we could ever be. No drinking, nothing … I decided weeks and weeks
ago I wouldn’t be drinking, I wouldn’t be partying. I’m right there with him.”
Hearing how serious they are, it is to be expected that De la Hoya will return to boxing
with something to prove. It will be his fight bout since he lost to Manny Pacquiao in