Paul brothers “are great for boxing,” says Oscar De la Hoya


It is a no-brainer that the Paul brothers, Logan and Jake, have been the most talked
person in the sport of boxing since the pandemic started and when boxing is
tremendously falling down.
The YouTubers who fought other non-boxers, retired combat legend and recently Floyd
Mayweather earned their respect from one legend Oscar De la Hoya.
The Paul brothers have a big impact to save the ratings of the sport despite many
people were mocking them because they are not professionals.
“I think Jake and Logan Paul are great for boxing overall,” De La Hoya said in an ABC7
“In boxing we are always questioning why is it going down or why are the ratings so low,
or why are there not more world title fights and why is it the fanbase diminishing.”
“It’s not really on the face of it, but when you have stars like Jake and Logan Paul
bringing a whole new fanbase to boxing, I embrace it one-thousand percent.
“Now kids are coming up to me in the street because of them, now they know who
Oscar De La Hoya is and Manny Pacquiao is as these YouTubers are bringing kids into
the sport through their platform and through social media.
“So I embrace it always definitely yes.”