De la Hoya plans to cut weight below limit against Belfort


Oscar De la Hoya is not just coming back to boxing, he is about to do something
different as he is planning to weigh 10 pounds below the 185 pounds limit for his fight
against UFC legend Vitor Belfort.
His decision, if ever he did he said, will have a pros and con on their September 11
The Golden Boy is currently at 180 and he still has plenty of time left to trim five more
pounds for his desire weight.
“The weight limit is 185, but I’m going to come in at 175, strong like an ox. I’m at 180
right now,” he said during his open media workout via MSN.
The pros on this is that he will be faster and he can move side-to-side much quicker to
evade and hit his opponent, on the other hand, it would be less of a defense if he was
hit by a power puncg by Belfort.
So still, it would come down to his strategy.
“I’m the underdog because the bettors don’t believe in me, but I finally put the train back
on the rails,” he said.
“I’m not a betting man or a gambler, but I would put a lot of money on me. I’m going to
surprise people on how I do it. I’ve been training smart. I’ve been very motivated in
training since we opened camp.”