De la Hoya on his boxing comeback: I just miss getting hit


Staying true to his words boxing legend Oscar De la Hoya is indeed returning to boxing
with a fight against fellow legend, in the UFC, Vitor Belfort on September 11.
In line to build up anticipation, De la Hoya held an open media workout where he
flashed his boxing once again. The Golden Boy did some shadowboxing before hitting
the pads.
After the workout he answered some questions on the reason why he is coming back at
the age of 48.
“Just miss it, man. Just miss it. Call me crazy but I just miss getting hit,” he said via
Fight Hub TV.
He also reminisced the memories of him losing to Manny Pacquiao that forced him to
“When I got pummeled by — I actually got my ass kicked by Pacquiao — I don’t think I
was ready to retire because I never felt I was in wars like other fighters. Like, look,
Manny has given us amazing fights and has been in wars so in boxing you’re just as old
as how you feel. Yeah, I went through hell and back, treated my body wrong, but these
last six months I feel amazing.”
His comeback was also inspired by Mike Tyson who started the trend of boxing