Casimero continues to be ‘trashtalk king’ after challenging Inoue, Donaire


John Riel Casimero was formerly known as the ‘quadro alas’ of the Philippines but now
he is more like a king, in the trash talking division.
Moments after winning a dull fight against Guillermo Rigondeaux on Sunday, where
they set a record the lowest punches landed combined in 36 years, the still WBO
bantamweight champion challenged fellow title holders Naoya Inoue and Nonito
Days after, his promoter MP president Sean Gibbons added fire to the gibberish talking
to provoke fellow Filipino Donaire to finally make the fight happen.
“Nonito Donaire signed a contract, be a man, grow some balls, stand up! He is not
fighting Inoue, he’s got a contract step up and fight us if he wants to do a real fight,” he
“We want Donaire, we signed for Donaire but if he wants to run and talk about Inoue
then so be it. Casimero is the world champion, he’ll fight, and he is the champ that is the
bottom line.”
Casimero then strike Inoue by saying that he would go far just to fight the Japanese
“I will even go to his house and fight him,” he said on the report of GMA news.

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