Pacquiao to perfect game plan in a battle of southpaws


Manny Pacquiao and his camp surely did their research and planned the best way to
deal with the primed Errol Spence Jr. on August 21 st , and they did.
They are confident that the 42-year old icon will put the game plan into perfection to
counter the also southpaw opponent. Previous opponents of Pacquiao, who is a
southpaw as well, are all orthodox that’s why they devised a new strategy to deal with
his southpaw foe.
“We have a strategy that we know how to use against a southpaw. He wants to fight
toe-to-toe and that’s going to be my advantage.”
“We’re prepared for anything. If he wants to use his reach advantage instead, we are
ready,” said Pacquiao via BoxingScene.
But despite their game plan, Freddie Roach also have some reminders to Pacquiao
when he go against the American.
“There’s a couple of guys I worry about, because they’re younger, they’re stronger and
have very difficult styles. But Spence, I do like because he’s flat-footed, he’s heavy on
his feet and he gets tired in the later rounds.”
“I told Manny, ‘We have to start quick in this fight. We can’t stay in the pocket. Get off
your combinations and you’re going to get right out the way because he’s going to hit
you back’. He does have good power. There [are] a couple [of] fights out there we could
fight, but Manny wants to fight the best guys out there,” Roach said separately in an
interview with The Sun.

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