Pacquiao should dictate fight against Spence says boxing promoter


No sugar coat needed because indeed Manny Paquiao is facing a “daunting task”
against Errol Spence just like what American boxing promoter Lou DiBella said in
Everyone has that high praise and respect for Paquiao because of what he has done
and what he is doing in boxing. However, there are things that we simply can’t overlook
even though he is a living legend. But can he work his miracle once again and prove
everybody wrong?
DiBella though shared what he think Pacquiao should do in able to overcome this
‘daunting tak’
“I’d say that Pacquiao has a very daunting task, but he is one of the greatest of all time.
But what is he, 39 or 40?,” DiBella said.
“Crack him with something early on, a really good combination or a really good shot that
gets Spence thinking.”
“Bring Spence to a place at some point where he feels insecure in the fight.”
“I mean, if Spence dictates the fight from the very first second, it could be a really ugly
time for Pacquiao and a stoppage probably later on in the fight in the mid-fight.
“He needs to get Spence’s respect. He needs the respect for the younger, longer, more
athletic at this point, guy.”

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