Woodley looking to do more than just win against Paul


Former UFC fighter now turned boxer Tyron Woodley vowed to dominate Jake Paul to
the extent of bringing “damage” once they meet inside the boxing ring on August 29, a
week after Manny Pacquiao fights Errol Spence Jr.
“From now on, there’s no point of me going out there and just winning any more,”
Woodely told MMA fighting. He has been on a four-fight losing streak and wanting to
bounce back in a big way.
“My whole goal is to go out there and provide violence and damage and win in a fashion
where it looks like me and then everybody else.”
But despite his warning, Woodley did not discredited the capabilities of his opponent.
“I’m not underestimating Jake. Jake’s a good fighter. It’s going to look like a fight, I
promise you that.
“It will not look like a UFC fighter picking on a YouTuber. He can fight, and he can box,
and it will look like a fight.”
This will be the first fight of Woodley in boxing as he joined the bandwagon of cross-
sporting and exhibition matches with non-pro athletes.

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