Deontay Wilder vows to end the career of unbeaten Tyson Fury on trilogy


Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury are set to meet for the third time inside the ring on July
24 in Las Vegas.

Fury will set up his WBC and The Ring heavyweight title belts on the line this time, and
Wilder is making it work all in the third battle.
Their first experience saw a split draw, which quickly provoked a subsequent battle. In
the rematch, Fury halted Wilder in the seventh round through TKO.
The third quarrel came over as their battle contract had a proviso that permitted the
losing gathering to have one more shot, however with the admonition that he would get
a 40-60 satchel split.
More out of control has been generally scrutinized for his exhibition in the subsequent
gathering and is for the most part the motivation behind why he’s so plan on polishing
off the set of three with a bang.
“This (trilogy) closes the chapter of me and Fury. My mind is very violent right now and
I’m trying to end his career–and other things as well, I’mma let you fill in the blank,” said
Wilder as he was asked about a fourth fight.
“The Bronze Bomber” has also been pushing the narrative that “The Gypsy King”
cheated in their second fight with loaded gloves.
In that same interview with 78SportsTV, the 35-year-old American doubled down on his
“You think he ain’t gonna try to cheat this time? But my thing to him–man, you couldn’t
even get me out on loaded gloves and the conditions I was under,” he stated.
“You couldn’t knock me out, you didn’t knock me out.”
Fury has yet to comment on these new statements.
Whether it’s by knockout or decision, the bitter rivals will surely put things to bed at the
T-Mobile Arena later this month.