Donaire went off to Casimero and co, threatens to cancel the fight


Future boxing hall of famer Nonito Donaire went furious over fellow Filipino and
upcoming opponent John Riel Casimero after disrecpecting his family.
On a Facebook live by Rachel Marcial Donaire, Nonito’s wife, the WBC world
bantamweight champion made an outburst on Casimero and even MP Promotions
President Sean Gibbons.

When their fight was announced, many Filipino were thrilled to see a championship fight
between their own kababayans but provoking went too far as Casimero’s conditioning
coach Angel “Memo” Heredia was seen doing rude gusture on Rachel that was made
Donaire mad.
“I don’t care of becoming undisputed [bantamweight] champion, if you disrespected my
wife, I’ll make you pay,” he said.
“No matter who you are, if you disrespected my family I will come after you.”
Donaire even threatened to cancel their fight because of what happened.
“You make more money when you fight me. If I say no, you don’t get s**t. I have
The usually calm Donaire even came out cursing Casimero, Gibbons and Heredia for
what they’ve done.
“I came to challenge this fight, Filipino versus Filipino, because we are more than that.
But you come and disrespect my family? It’s a different story.”
The water continues to boil between two fighters and whether the fight will push through
or not, it seems that bad blood has already been built between Casimero and Donaire.