Bucks-Hawks Eastern Conference Finals preview


In an unexpected turned of events we saw two different teams who made it to the
Eastern Conference Finals, the Milwaukee Bucks and the young squad of the Atlanta

They both came from a gruelling seven-game series in which they eliminated the no. 2
seed Brooklyn Nets and top-seeded Philadelphia 76ers respectively.
Now that they are one step away from the NBA Finals let’s take a look on how there
series will progress.
Bucks have the advantage over the Hawks
Although the Hawks are continuously defying odds in this season’s playoff, the Bucks
have a greater tools compared to the young team. The Bucks can’t also be compared to
the 76ers who choked their way out of the season. Giannis Antetokounmpo, despite
shooting miserably from the charity stripes, is playing magnificently as well as his co-
stars Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday.
Holiday can lock down the newest villain in the league, Trae Young. By shutting down
Young, the Bucks can easily have its way towards the Finals.
However, Milwaukee must also prevent Young from making plays for his teammates
just like what we saw in their game 7 against Philly. Throwing defense on Young should
be focused not only on stopping him from scoring but also freezing him from doing other
On the other hand, Hawks have a chance and the confidence after making it this far. No
one expected them to reach the East Finals, it’s only their second appearance in 50
years! So their confidence is on another level which could also elevate their game in the