Jake Paul to fight former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.


By Ponciano Melo – After quickly destroying former UFC champion Ben Askren, YouTuber Jake Paul will face another MMA artist next in the name of Tyron Woodley.

But compared to Askren, the 39-year old Woodley is still active in MMA, which gives him somehow an advantage.

Woodley, a former UFC welterweight champion, had agreed to fight Paul in a boxing match that is initially dated on August 8 in Miami.

The Paul brothers have been making waves in boxing in recent years when they started doing entertainment boxing and luring other non-boxer athletes to fight them.

Although it is evident, many are still up to fight them. But, unfortunately, they are like a villain, like a Floyd Mayweather everyone wants to beat down.

Speaking of Mayweather, Jake’s older brother Logan will face the unbeaten Mayweather.

Going back to the Paul-Woodley fight, Jake is currently 3-0 in professional boxing while Woodley will make his boxing debut. He was fought under UFC for a decade, starting in 2009 where his biggest highlight came in 2016 after winning the welterweight belt.

Despite being active in sports, Woodley lost his last four fights in which he could use as a motivation to defeat the pro-wanna-be Jake Paul.