Is King James reign over after the first-round exit?


By Ponciano Melo – Mad props to the Phoenix Suns for eliminating the reigning NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers. But the bigger story, for now, is not about them advancing, but for the Lakers, especially the 36-year old LeBron James.

This is the first time in his 18-year storied NBA career that he suffered a first-round exit.

Questions started to loom after their short postseason run, which was bugged by injuries, both him and fellow superstar Anthony Davis.

How will this defeat affect James’ legacy, or will it affect at all? Does his long-time supremacy is finally over?

If we look at it in the bigger picture, LeBron James is not yet done chasing another title. This year, he dealt with injuries just like his first season with the Lakers. It was brought as well by the fatigue of the previous season bubble. At 36, we can see the changes in him, but he is adapting smoothly to the game to assert his dominance still.

Now, he will have a more extended, well-deserved rest to prepare for the next season. However, James can still dominate, and he still has 2-3 years to play at the highest level.

However, it is incredible to see that the league is in great hands in Devin Booker, Trae Young, and more.