Floyd Mayweather’s legacy on the line against Logan Paul


By Ponciano Melo – Floyd Mayweather may think all about the money when he agreed to fight Logan Paul in an exhibition match, but he can’t escape the fact that his boxing career will be a mockery if he losses.

The 50-0 living legend has been cautious throughout his career to remain unbeaten. Now he has to come back boxing after years of absence to fight inexperience, but young wanna-be like a boxer.

“Mayweather could end up making a mockery of his whole career. If he gets caught and gets put down, it won’t be very comfortable. If he loses, he might as well get a one-way ticket to Australia,” boxing expert Carl Froch said.

Although Paul has a 0-1 record in professional boxing after losing on his debut against fellow YouTuber KSI, a year can make a difference, and he’s enormous. One mistake of Mayweather can be a game-changer.

And a win for Paul could be a shame for professional boxing despite giving legendary entertainment.

Paul was confident he will knockout Mayweather and will retire as the greatest boxer of all time. It’s his bragging rights because Manny Pacquiao couldn’t do it, Canelo Alvarez and legends of his era as well. No one succeeds, and if Paul does, he has all the rights in the world to claim whatever he wants to call himself.